What are the fines and penalties related to tax and compliance issues?

In Vietnam, failure to comply with tax regulations and requirements can result in various penalties and fines, including but not limited to:

  1. Late payment fines: If a company fails to pay taxes on time, it may incur a fine equivalent to 0.03% to 0.05% of the outstanding tax amount per day of delay.
  2. Interest on late payment: The company may also be required to pay interest on the outstanding tax amount at a rate determined by the tax authority.
  3. Administrative penalties: If a company fails to fulfill its obligations under tax laws, it may be subject to administrative penalties such as fines, suspension of business operations, or revocation of business license.
  4. Criminal penalties: In cases of tax fraud or evasion, a company may face criminal penalties, including imprisonment and monetary fines.
  5. Corrective fines: If a company is found to have underpaid taxes, it may be required to pay corrective fines equal to 30% to 200% of the underpaid amount.

It is important for foreign business owners in Vietnam to be aware of the tax regulations and requirements to avoid these penalties and fines, and ensure compliance with the tax authorities. A legal or tax advisory firm can provide guidance and support in navigating the tax system and ensuring compliance with the regulations.

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