The Usual Accounting Experience in Vietnam

What would you expect from your Accountant?

The stories that are reported to us by our Friends and Clients are the most unfortunate. If you have ever met a friend whose company lives long enough to reach the first tax inspection, you know what we are talking about here.

This industry is an easy place to grab money from Clients who are too confident. Most companies, at least at first, are always looking for the cheapest service available believing in an industry standards that do not exist so far. Many so called accountants are unregistered and do not have the right qualifications to handle your finances properly. Many are just filling in forms and report to the government periodically but totally omits the compliance and the deductibility of expenses for instance. In the meantime, the Clients believe all is well until the first tax inspection.We call this non-value-added accounting, and you do not need an accountant for that job! 

At the time of the first tax inspection, companies must always pay for penalties, fines and malpractice.

Not all the accountants are like that, fortunately. Usually, accountants of larger enterprises are more serious and take responsibility for their actions, but business owners must learn to recognize those.

The services we offer at PCA Company Services are quite different and combines accounting, taxation, legal and audit altogether at a fraction of the cost of internalizing those services professionally. The choice becomes logical.

At PCA Company Services, we believe in combining practices. Our attorneys, for instance, have deep accounting knowledge and our accountants and CPAs always work with our legal advisors to exchange and confirm their knowledge. Theory is only effective when crossed with experience. An effective piece of advice requires pragmatism and multi-dimensional analysis that just cannot be produced when analyzed from a single viewpoint. At PCA Company Services, we will always go for the right and long-term option, never the quick fix. So that we will be, and remain accountable for everything we say, everything we write and everything we do!

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