I Have An FDI (Foreign Direct Investment) Company With An IRC (Investment Registration Certificate), Should I Handover Investment Report Periodically ?

According to the investment law, the FDI companies having an Investment Registration Certificate (IRC) need to submit their investment supervision reports to the Vietnamese Investment Authority.

Therefore, your company must:

– Before 2021 : according to the latest update on the Investment Law “No. 67/2014/QH13” for companies incorporated in 2020 or earlier, one must submit the yearly investment supervision report before 10th February 2021. However, we must submit it on 08th February 2021 the latest because of the Lunar New Year coming on the 10th of this month. (next deadline 08/02/2021)

– As from 2021: according to the newest law on investment “No. 61/2020/QH14” effective from 01st Jan 2021, all FDI companies must prepare and submit reports describing their activities quarterly and yearly since 2021 (Dau Tu). Next to this obligation, each FDI company must report the status (Giam sat) semi-annually. Totalling 7 reports per year.

If case you have the yearly compliance package with PCA Company Services, please do not worry, we will take care of these reports for you in due time.

Without the compliance package, the fee to handle the reports are as follows :

• Report preparation and filing (no activity): 1.500.000VND excluding VAT

• Report preparation and filing (with activity): 3.000.000VND excluding VAT

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