As an investor, do I need a work permit exemption?

[UPDATED 01/17/2020]

Until the end of 2020, regardless of how much capital is invested in the company, each investor will be eligible for a work permit exemption allowing them to work freely in Vietnam in the scope of activities allowed by their Enterprise Registration Certificate (ERC) and/or Investment Registration Certificate (IRC). This document has a validity of two years. It is important to mention that this document is as important as a Work Permit in the eyes of the Labor Law. It is not a certificate that is automatically issued by the Government but one needs to apply for it. All  Clients who has incorporated their company with PCA Company Services receive that service as part of package. For others, it may be still time to apply for it. Contact us!

From 2021, only company will sufficient contributed capital (3Billion VND per investor) will bring eligibility to their shareholders to get a work permit exemption. In that case, we would suggest any shareholder/investor who needs to work and reside in Vietnam for a period of time longer than three months to apply for a Work Permit and a Temporary Resident Card. Those will be linked to you labor contract but always with a maximum validity of 2 years !

A recent decree enforced 1.1.2021 cancel the needs of a work permit for spouses of Vietnamese citizens. You will however have to get that exemption document, i.e. it does mean you are eligible for a work permit exemption and need to do the paperwork to receive that exemption. It is not granted automatically! Our fees to get this document is 3.000.000VND.

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